Introduction to ClicksArmour

The software solution ClicksArmour helps to prevent fraudulent clicks on your advertising campaigns.
Marketers may save their advertising budgets from bots, click farms, and other non-converting traffic by banning illegitimate traffic.
Marketers may save money on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, obtain better results from retargeting and remarketing efforts, and improve the quality of their analytics data by cutting down on irrelevant site visits.

Exactly what steps must I take to begin my use of ClicksArmour?

After signing up, you'll be given setup instructions.

Even those who aren't particularly tech-savvy may have something set up and operating in a matter of minutes.

I had originally planned to begin a trial period yesterday, but I was unable to complete the necessary setup in time. What can I do?

The ups and downs of life are nothing new to us. If you intended to give our service a try but didn't begin using it within a week, that's OK. If you need another week, just contact us and we'll get you set up.

Assuming I run across difficulty, what steps should I take next?

If you ever have an issue with ClicksArmor, you may contact the company at any time. We do our best to respond swiftly to all inquiries, whether they concern initial setup, fraud-blocking optimization, payment information, or the addition of new clients.

Funding & Invoicing

Is there a penalty if I go over my plan's allowances?

We are familiar with website traffic and are aware that there may be certain months in which you will need more space than you have purchased. Absolutely not.

If this keeps happening, we may need to recommend that you switch to a more expensive plan. You may rest assured that you will never be upgraded without being informed.

What extra costs should I anticipate?

No 'premium upgrade' or any additional charges are present. Everything you need to start immediately blocking unwanted traffic is included in your monthly charge.

What are the procedures for making a payment?

We will collect your billing information when you join up for your free trial. If you don't cancel before the trial period finishes, you'll be upgraded to the paid tier. Then, going forward, your monthly payment will be deducted on the same day as your invoice until you tell us otherwise. Your credit card will be accepted.

Can I receive a refund if I decide that ClicksArmor is not for me?

You may try our software risk-free for a whole week. Whenever you'd like before the next paying date, you can cancel without penalty. We regret that we cannot offer prorated refunds for any unused portion of a month.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

You can stop your monthly subscription at any time. Simply inform us if you would like to terminate your membership prior to the next billing date.


In what kinds of ad networks does ClicksArmour function?

Our system now filters out bots from Google Display Network (GDN), Google Ads (Adwords), Gmail, YouTube, Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads (aka Microsoft Ads). More advertising networks will be added shortly. Don't miss out on the latest updates!

How do I know you aren't just preventing me from communicating with potential customers?

To combat click fraud, we use the most advanced blocklist available, which is constantly updated with new and improved entries. That goes double for click farms, automated systems, and other underhanded methods of generating clicks.

Many forms of artificial intelligence are included in our program to prevent clicks as well. Because of this, we frequently prevent clicks from users who are concealing their location by using a virtual private network (VPN) or from locations outside of your specified geographic area.

ClicksArmour employs fraud prevention parameters tailored to individual verticals, taking into consideration differences in user behaviour and business practices. On the other hand, you may customize the way our dashboard operates to suit your needs.

If your program can detect and prevent fraud, please explain how it does so.

The tracking code for ClicksArmour must be placed on your website(s). The majority of CMSes and custom-built websites make this a simple, few-minute process.

Our 'double layer' protection against click fraud is built to thwart attacks from several directions. Your site's HTML code.

Setting up a link to your AdWords or Facebook Ads account

In doing so, we may automatically monitor your traffic and make changes to your IP or audience exclusion list.

How much protection do I have against click fraud?

You have complete command over settings like the minimum number of clicks required to open a link, which devices and locations are blocked, and much more. The software algorithms will learn from your campaigns over time if you utilize the default parameters.

How can you safeguard different types of advertisements?

With ClicksArmour, your paid search advertisements (like Google text ads), display ads, and banner ads are protected from fraudulent clicks and impressions. We also protect against fraudulent views in Instagram Ads, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Stories.

How comfortable are you with encrypted websites?

We have complete support for HTTPS surfing in our click fraud blocking.

Can ClicksArmor secure a large number of my landing pages at once?

All ClicksArmor plans have support for an unlimited number of landing pages.

Do Google Ads Manager and/or MCC integrate with ClicksArmour?

Yes. ClicksArmour can be simply integrated with Ads Manager (formerly My Client Centre/MCC) to track and eliminate fraudulent clicks across all of your campaigns.

How quickly do you prevent clicks?

Less than three seconds is all it takes for us to detect and stop click fraud. You have been sent certain clicks that you need to review and perhaps disable. You'll get a report you may submit to Google detailing the fraudulent clicks you've encountered.

The Basics of Click Fraud

When comparing ad fraud with click fraud, what distinguishes the two?

Any click on your paid advertisements that isn't a real and intentional action is known as click fraud. Intentional clicks from brand haters or competitors, as well as accidental clicks from badly positioned adverts, are all possible.

Ad fraud is a more systematic kind of click fraud in which a publisher intentionally generates a large number of clicks that are not legitimate. Typically, the goal of these ad fraud schemes is to steal millions of dollars.

Over $35 billion a year is lost worldwide in the advertising sector due to fake visitors.

Can't Google stop fraudulent clicks?

Google, of course, has safeguards set up to stop fake clicks and traffic. The vast majority of marketers, though, believe that they aren't doing enough, and they may not even be reporting the whole extent of click fraud.

To define and prohibit incorrect traffic, Google utilizes a distinct set of parameters. Clicks from a single IP address are tracked separately, and there is a reduced threshold for repeat clicks.


If I manage an agency and have numerous clients, can I prevent IVT across all of their campaigns?

Yes. Inquire about our premium plan by contacting our staff. Your number of clients and active campaigns will determine your price.

Must each of my clients have a ClicksArmour subscription if I run a business?

No, in order to monitor and stop malicious traffic, we provide you with the necessary code to enter on the website.